Why do the ingredients matter to us? Here at Pure Pastry we inspire to live a safer, healthier more organic lifestyles for ourselves and our clientele. We strive to obtain ingredients free from genetic modification and free of toxic chemicals. Our bodies are our temple and should be treated  as such. That’s why ingredients matter to the Pure Pastry team.

We blend our own gluten-free flour mixture to bake our delicious naturally organic dietary-special confections. Our secrete combination of gluten-free ancient grains and spices  bring together the flavorful depth to meet Pure Pastry's standards.

King Arthur Flour®‎ : "Flour this good doesn't happen by accident." It's the result of attention to detail, consistency in milling, and our desire to ensure that each and every one of you has the very best baking experience possible. All King Arthur flours are non-GMO, and are made to the highest standards in the industry. 

We at Pure pastry are proud to use King Arthur Flour®‎ We are committed to using only the very best flour which King Arthur Flour®‎ provides us for the quality we demand. Pure Pastry knows they are the very best baking flour. We bake with their carefully crafted organic gluten-free and gluten blends helping us to create our deliciously naturally organic pastry.  http://www.kingarthurflour.com/about/

Pure Pastry chooses to use Bob's Red Mill® ingredients as the building blocks for our naturally organic gluten-free confections. Bob's Red Mill® is a brand produced by Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods located in Milwaukie, Oregon. The company was established in 1978 ~ dedicating themselves to manufacturing natural whole grain foods in a traditional time-honored way.

Bob's Red Mill® Natural Foods produces lines of natural, certified organic, and gluten-free milled grain products. They have over 400 products, primarily whole grains that are ground by 120-year-old quartz millstones.  This cool stone grinding process preserves the grains valuable oils and nutrients.

We use as many certified organic ingredients as possible, use only the highest quality non-organic natural ingredients and we choose to bake with Bob's Red Mill® in our gluten-free pastry.

Proud to have discovered the beautiful Gluten-Free Flour at PaneBelle (Beautiful Bread) :  PaneBelle established in 1991, has over 25 years experience in the crafting of their flour and frozen dough.  Their frozen dough is available in 3 flavors:  Classic, Organic, and Gluten Free options, produced and marketed in Sanford, ME.

We select PaneBelle's gluten-free flour in an assortment of our naturally organic confections.

Proud to also have discovered the beautiful Gluten-Free Flour at ArrowHead Mills :  ArrowHead Mills "Nourishing Your Family since 1960", for 50 years they take great pride in stating that "more than half of organic food lovers from coast-to-coast count on our naturally enriched simply made products to nourish themselves and their families." Their story has its roots deep in the Texas Panhandle, where Frank Ford—a pioneer in organic farming—founded the company half a century ago. He believed that pesticides &  herbicides polluted the food chain, so he set out to farm organically grown corn and wheat. He ground his harvest into flour using a stone mill—which is still in use today at our facility

We select ArrowHead Mills gluten-free flours in an assortment of our naturally organic confections.

Cabot Creamery Co-Op : Did you know Cabot Creamery is a cooperative of 1,200 dairy farming families? They are located throughout New York & New England making them "The World's Best" cheese and dairy products! Cabot Creamery knows their dairy farming families and live to provide a higher dairy standard.

Striving to assure our consumers only the best in butter, we choose to bake with Cabot Creamery butter. We use as many certified organic ingredients as possible, use only the highest quality non-organic natural ingredients and we choose to bake with Cabot Creamery butter.

Mears Vermont Products ~ Maple Syrup : Located in beautiful Arlington, Vermont, this lovely family owned and operated sugar shack has over 20 years of experience making their very own pure Vermont Maple syrup.  The Mears' store specializes in selling their pure maple syrup along with other quality Vermont food products, souvenirs and Vermont based clothing.  The business began with Rich, Patti Mears and Rich's mother who transformed her garage into a retail store, restaurant, creating a Norman Rockwell exhibit after 3 or 4 additions.  Each of Rich and Patti's three children grew up and worked for them either in their store, or making the syrup.

The Sugar Shack in now owned by Craig, Ed and Kim.  The have brand new state of the art evaporator to ensure quality pure Vermont maple syrup. Ed's wife Kim runs the store and continues to sell many quality Vermont food products. They always have plenty of the four grades of syrup, fancy, a medium amber, a dark amber and B, available in containers of all sizes.

Pure Pastry is proud to purchase Mears' Vermont maple syrup. We implement this pure Vermont maple syrup in our naturally organic Maple Granola Brittle and other assorted seasonal confections.

Where do we acquire our fruits and vegetables?

Russell Orchards Farm Store & Winery ~ Located near and dear to us in Ipswich, we purchase with apples, peaches, pears, plums, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, zucchini & butternut squashes, pumpkins and more from Russell Orchards Farm. We are also blessed to obtain honey from their farm.  The farm is 120 acres, family owned and operated since the first tree was planted in 1920. It is held in an agricultural preservation restriction that prevents the land from being turned into a development. 

Russell Orchards Farm protects their crops via IPM, which stands for Integrated Pest Management. "IPM is a sustainable approach to managing pests by combining biological, cultural, physical and chemical tools in a way that minimizes economic, health, and environmental risks." (National IPM Network). 

The Food Project - Food Project at Long Hill ~ Pure Pastry acquires some of our carrots, zucchini, butternut squash, strawberries and pumpkins from The Food Project. The Food Project has approximately 70 acres of farmland in greater Boston and on the North Shore of eastern Massachusetts.

The Food Project growing philosophy is to preserve and enhance the environment, provide economic opportunity and good health for individuals and communities. They work to create personal and social change through sustainable agriculture. "We farm in a way that grows the best possible food, supports our community, and cultivates the next generation of young leaders."

Kate's Homemade Butter: Fresh Real Buttermilk ~ Kate's of Maine Buttermilk is pure buttermilk. Made with fresh cream provided by farmers who pledge not to use artificial growth hormones. They never use any dyes, preservatives or fillers, no skimmed milk, cultures or other thickening agents in their products.

Organic lemons from Calabasas, California and April Neale's private orchard.  April is family and we are blessed to have this source of delicious and sweet California sun drenched lemons. Pure Pastry treasures these lemons for their rich source of Vitamin C, pectin, juice, zest, and essential oils. 

Olive Oil:  working on announcing this brand

Organic Sugar:  working on announcing this brand

Our Own Organic Honey, vegetables, fruit & eggs ......... we feed our bees with organic sugar water, when necessary ~ like any mindful beekeeper we leave them alone and let them tell us when they need us. They help us with pollinating our fruit trees and gardens.

Located on our property we have heirloom apple, pear & peach fruit trees. Gathering these delights during the season is magical in it's self. Nothing like the smell and taste of fresh organic fruit.

We grow beets, butternut, zucchini, rhubarb, strawberries, edible flowers, extensive herbs bless our property.

Our hens are beloved family members and treated as such. They gift us with their gorgeous eggs and we carefully utilize these eggs for our special dietary needs patrons.