Kim Gregory

Pastry Chef, Owner

Owner and operator, Kim is the heart and soul of Pure Pastry. Kim was raised in Winthrop and loves her local roots. Pure Pastry is as unique as Kim in its beautiful naturally organic essence. With her warm heart and kitchen, Kim’s aspires to bake naturally organic handcrafted confections, with locally sourced and home grown ingredients to produce the most exquisite pastry. Kim also delights, with her creative flair, in providing her exceptional pastry to individuals’ with special dietary needs. She is purely dedicated to the integrity of her clientele and embraces her staff with the same honor.  

Elissa Sundet

Assistant Pastry Chef

With an Art Degree from Gordon College, Elissa utilizes her art degree and baking talents while working in our Pure Pastry's kitchen. 

"Lissy" as we are all fond of calling her, is our Assistant Pastry Chef. Lissy brings her kind beautiful whole heart and mindful approach forward creating the best possible in our Pure Pasty confections.

Lissy is a strong woman with hopes of inspiring other young women to develop their beautiful natural gifts, abilities and strengths while utilizing their education in the domestic and business realms.

Joe Marino

Delivery & More

As a lifelong Beverly resident and animal lover, Joe is purely a local ingredient to Pure Pastry. 

Joe has been faithfully delivering our pastry with loads of love, gentle care and chivalry to all our vendors and private retail customers in all corners of Essex County.

In addition to delivery services, Joe provides Pure Pastry with moral support and assistance in any of our multiple errands. Leading with his pure heart, Joe is truly a pure gentleman.